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Leanne Ely, Saving Dinner, NY Times best-selling author

Do More Bars really ‘do more’ than just fill you up with a bunch of junk. They're absolutely delicious and something you can feel good about giving  to your kids. These bars are organic, gluten free and travel extremely well. Think Rice Crispie treats but without the puffed white rice, marshmallows and high fructose corn syrup.”



Marla Cilley “The FlyLady” Syndicated columnist & NY Times best-selling author

I had been looking for a gluten free bar that I could take with me when I travel. The Do More Bars are just the ticket to keep me out of those tempting drive-throughs when I am on the road. My favorite is the dried cherry and the cranberry!” 

'Bike Rumor' website covers everything cyclists need and want to know about bikes and things related, from reviews to interviews. Their team tried Do More Bars and said 'We Like It'. Click here to check out the editor's full review.

Kim Bouldin, author of 'Gluten-Free Is Life' blog, shared a glowing review of Do More Bars with her readers in her September 20, 2012 posting.  Click here to read her review and also check out her wonderful blog.

Kimberly Button, creator of Get Green Be Well, and a Green Living Expert for the nationally syndicated lifestyle TV show, Daytime has posted a product review of Do More Bars on her website. Click here to check out her great feedback.

Do More Bars were part of a taste testing conducted by the Hendersonville Celiac Support Group along with 9 other national brands of gluten free bars and were consistently rated the best tasting bar.  Find all the details below in the March/April 2010 issue of the WNC Gluten Intolerance Newsletter.